Save the Date Stamps

Save the date postage stamps let couples add a touch of personality to their save the date envelopes or postcards.  Here's how custom postage works: you can choose from thousands of pre-made designs or create your own save the date stamp that works just like stamps you would get at your local post office.  Custom postage costs a bit more than stamps you would purchase at the post office but  they give you the ability to completely customize the look of the stamp—something that's just not possible with the limited selection of wedding-themed postage from the USPS.

Some of the most popular save the date stamps feature a photo of you and your fiancé or the phrase "save the date" in a style that matches your personality.  But the possibilities don't stop—there are literally thousands of designs to choose from to use for your save the dates.

A couple of important notes about custom save the date postage:

  • Postage stamps for save the date cards with envelopes are typically $0.49, but...
  • If your save the date cards are square you'll need a stamp for odd-sized mailings ($0.70).
  • Custom postage is also available for save the date postcards – use $0.34 postcard stamps.
  • All custom postage stamps are available in all first-class face values.

All of the stamps featured on this website is available at Zazzle which we believe to be without question the best place to buy custom save the date stamps.

Save the Date Postage:

  • Works just like Regular Stamps
  • Comes in Thousands of Stylish Designs
  • Is Available in all First-class Rates
  • Come with a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

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